Hi, I'm Victoria :)

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Hi everyone! My name is Victoria, and I am a new member! I primarily do textiles - especially carpets. I have also been known to dabble in woodworking, jewelry, glass, 3-D printing, sewing, metallurgy…I do it all! I think my first project will be to build myself a mini loom out of PVC - is it weird to use the space’s tools to make another tool?

I am a PhD student in archaeology, studying ancient textile technologies of Central Asia. I am looking forward to using the space to test techniques, tools, and run experiments for my research. Plus, I would go crazy if I couldn’t make things, and my tiny London flat just can’t accommodate that! I am currently visiting my parents in America to plan my wedding (stressful), but I will stop by soon!

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Hi Victoria

Welcome to Makerspace.

Making tools out of tools is often done here! We are also looking for people who know textiles well to be more involved in the area if that is something you are interested in?

Best luck with the wedding planning!

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That’s a super cool research field! Welcome to SLMS.