Hi, I'm Valentin, Architect, would like to join the space and convert a 40 y/o motorcycle into a cafe racer

Hello everyone,

Would love to visit the space and hopefully meet a few of you and see what you are working on.
Is anyone around this week that could give me a quick tour to get an idea of the space ?

Many thanks!



Sounds cool! I have done a few motorcycle engine swaps/upgrades! I will be in later in the week- we are working on starting up open evenings as well! Does Wednesday night work?


Hi Andy

Wednesday works, I can get there after work around 18:30.
Let me know if this suits. Otherwise Friday all day.

Many thanks


Ya, Wednesday is good, maybe 7:30 or later… I will be around…


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Ok, will be there at 7:30. Looking forward to it.