Hi, I'm Valentin, Architect, would like to join the space and convert a 40 y/o motorcycle into a cafe racer

Hello everyone,

Would love to visit the space and hopefully meet a few of you and see what you are working on.
Is anyone around this week that could give me a quick tour to get an idea of the space ?

Many thanks!



Sounds cool! I have done a few motorcycle engine swaps/upgrades! I will be in later in the week- we are working on starting up open evenings as well! Does Wednesday night work?


Hi Andy

Wednesday works, I can get there after work around 18:30.
Let me know if this suits. Otherwise Friday all day.

Many thanks


Ya, Wednesday is good, maybe 7:30 or later… I will be around…


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Ok, will be there at 7:30. Looking forward to it.

Welcome! Don’t be shy to chop up an old nice looking tank (empty for decades for safety reasons) for your seatbump (also chop and weld the handlebar much nicer than the braket ones)!