Hi I'm Toby saying hello

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Hi everyone,

It really is exciting to be a part of the makerspace and the added community. I’ve joined mainly with the intention of using the woodworking space (which I’d love to be inducted to soon if possible). I’m an actor and work with the historic royal palaces and the royal armouries. I expect therefore the majority of the projects you’ll see me working on will be weapons related. I’m also a leather worker so if anyone wants to share skills then I’m more than happy to teach what I know.
All the best and I look forward to meeting some of you in the space soon.

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Hi Toby,

be interesting to see what you end up making ! not sure you’d want to walk up Herne Hill high street with lance though :smile:
There are a couple of other talented leather workers in the space - defo be worth touching base with @StudioNelle (Chanelle) on that front.