Hi I'm Steve


I’m Steve from Crystal Palace.

Maker interests are many and various (I’m a serial hobbieist). Currently, I’m in a miniature fanatic, so hoping to make a board game (Arkham Horror/Mansions of Madness style) and possibly a book nook.

Outside of making and breaking things, I’m into hiking, motorcycling and theatre

For work, I try(mostly in vain) to get computers, people and on occasion Satellites to do things.

Looking forward to being part of this awesome community :blush:




Welcome. Arkham Horror the card game is one of my favorite games and played most of the other boardgames too. Happy to playtest when you finalised your game.

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You got any favorite book nook inspirations? I find them fascinating!


Sorry for the late reply! I missed all my notifications :slight_smile:

Shall absolutely be interested in play testers! It’ll be a Mansions of Madness mod on Crystal Palace.

Bit of a late response, most come from the BookNooks reddit thread… I have a friend who does minutes… I’m thinking of a Lovecraftian first theme though

Sounds really cool. Definitely up for it.

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One of my guilty pleasures too! Sort by all time and enjoy!

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