Hi, I'm Steve, just joined the forum

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Hi, I’m Steve and waiting until new membership opens so that I can join.

I’ve got some ideas for some furniture items I want to make involving some electronics, laser-cutting, woodwork, etc… Had these ideas forever and done some prototyping but never had the space/facilities to try it out so looking forward to joining.

I’m going to try to make it to the workshop for the open evening and tour on Wed 12th Feb…

Hope to see a few of you there…

Thanks, Steve

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My Direct Debit was set up few days ago so now I guess I am full member so need to come to workshop to get my key tag? Is anyone around at the weekend who can help me with this?

Thanks, Steve

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That’s great Steve! Welcome :slight_smile:!
There is a lot of activity happening this weekend with a clear out so I’m sure someone will be around to help you get your key tag. It sounds like you have a bunch of projects you will hopefully enjoy working on!

Hi Hannah,

That’s great thanks, I’ll be down some time at the weekend and probably help with the clear out as well if still going on…

And yes, I have quite a few ideas for things I want to make, mostly woodwork with laser cutting and furniture etc. I need to learn Illustrator and try converting some of my designs into vectors but also keen to try out new skills, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Steve

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Hi Steve
Nice to meet you earlier!

Hi Maya,
Good to meet you too, see for the laser cutter induction, I’m hoping to do the lathe too if any no shows and I can’t see the induction workshops officially on the website yet…