Hi, I'm Steve. I want to make something that helps people recycle (as well as other things)!

(Steven Harsant) #1

Hi all! I’m Steve, from Australia originally but now 2.5 years into living in sunny old London.

By day I work as a Linux sysadmin (with a bit of desktop support). By night I like to brew and drink beer, play with SBC’s and read up on open source projects.

I went to the open day last week and was thoroughly impressed with the people and the space. It is a great community of talented people and I would love to become a member!

I have a project idea that i want to get my hands dirty with but, honestly, I have found a big road block (but am determined to get through it) . I want to help people recycle correctly.

My concept is to have a simple device that someone can scan the bar-codes of items and will tell them if the material is recyclable in their specific borough. Ideally something small that would clip onto a rubbish bin, or sit discreetly on a kitchen bench. I have seen an Italian company have achieved this in app form, which is great, but it only services Italy and I think a physical device may be less intrusive on life that an app in terms of usability.

Aside from that, I would (of course) also like to give back and help others sharing what skills and talents I have. I love teaching about tech, so if anyone is interested in learning anything I know about, please let me know!

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this. Really look forward to becoming a member!

(Mike Kelly) #2

Hi Steve,
Great project idea, I want one! Keep us up to date on any progress…