Hi, I'm Roy

(rclutterbuck) #1

I’m new and I am interested in laser cutting and screen printing.

My current project is making a prototype of a small game I’ve designed, so if there is anyone who likes to play games and would be interested in play testing - let me know!

@lasertechs I was looking for an induction session and could’t see one. Was I looking in the right place? Do you know if there is scheduled to be one any time soon?

Many thanks,

(Tom Newsom) #2

Hi Roy!

All induction sessions are announced in #admin:induction-sessions. You’re subscribed to that category by default, so you’ll get a notification as soon as a session gets posted. They’re run whenever an inductor has the time, so there’s no way of predicting them I’m afraid!

(Louis) #3

Hi @rclutterbuck, I’m jonathan. I’m running 2 laser cutter induction sessions tomorrow 25/04. If you would like to attend, find the post and add you name to the list.
Kind regards.

(rclutterbuck) #4

Hi Jonathan,
Sorry I couldn’t make it that Weds. Thanks for the invite though.
I’ll keep my eyes peeled for another session in the future.

(rclutterbuck) #5

Hi Jonathan - I met you on Thursday,
Thanks for the milliput suggestion, it looks great, will definitely invest in some.

Please let me know when you’re running a laser cutting induction and I’ll put my name down,
Very excited to use it again and finish my maths game project.

Thanks, Roy

(Dermot Jones) #6

For laser cutter inductions just tag @lasertechs to express interest, there’s no longer a waiting list for this induction

(RobertL) #7

Hi Roy. I’ve only just noticed your thread.

I’d give game testing a go and there’s a couple of game ideas you might be able to help me with?

(rclutterbuck) #8

Hi Robert,

Yes would be good to meet up and talk games if you’re keen. I’m a teacher and my game is for maths education purposes (although I think it would appeal to soduko fans etc). I also play lots of other games so would be happy to discuss different types. I’m quite busy this week coming but let me know when else is good for you and we can meet at the space,

(RobertL) #9

Maths was my favourite subject at school :smiley:

(rclutterbuck) #10

Hi @lasertechs again - I signed up to the space over 4 months ago to use the laser cutter for a project I’m working on and haven’t been able to get trained how to use it yet. Time is running out for my project and I would ideally like to get it finished in the next few weeks. Would anyone be able to help me out? I can repay people economically or with my own time or some other way.

I have the file ready and about 16 - 18 pieces of acrylic to cut. Not sure how long that would take exactly.

Many thanks,

(Louis) #11

Sorry about the delayed response.
I’m sure I can conduct a laser induction this week to accommodate your need. Will you be available Thursday evening say around 7pm?

(rclutterbuck) #12

Amazing! Thank you, thank you. Yes I can do this Thursday at 7.

(Louis) #13

Hi Roy, I have put the post up in discourse for Thursday 7pm and added your name to the top of the list. See you then.
Kind regards.

(rclutterbuck) #14

Yes, grand, see you then.