Hi i'm Rory!

Excited to get into the shop and meet other makers. Woodworker who has endless projects to do for family and friends…finding the fold up bench in the garden are not cutting it anymore!

Want hone my wood craft, learn metalwork and share or teach any skills I have from what I have a year into it. Former teacher so happy to help give pointers to anyone

Anyone trying epoxy atm?

Welcome Rory!

Yes definitely some epoxy happening! A couple different people making river tables, like this one:

@petra does a lot of different epoxy projects as well, so is a good resource to talk to!


epoxy became my job somehow unfortunately, if you need advice on casting, molds, polishing, hit me up

I have been wanting to stabilise woods i a long time, if people wanted to experiment with the cactus juice we have got years ago ( once opened, needs to be used up) I would be happy to congregate with folk one afternoon.

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Cheers Andy for pointing me to these posts. Got some tiger bamboo I’d like to join together so this I am sure will be useful

Thanks Petra, once i’m in i’ll see if you are around. Got some spare offcuts that I want to bind together but understand that getting the ratio and heat/temperature right is tricky!

It’s not complicated once you have the right info, happy to help you getting it right!

Welcome! metalwork induction waiting lists are getting shorter, so hopefully you don’t have to wait too much to get into the workshop!
@petra a bit off, but what’s the best way to get a machine bench with 2 holes in it get covered in epoxy to prevent scratching?

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