Hi, I'm Robin. I make experimental hardware games!

(Robin Baumgarten) #1

I’m Robin Baumgarten, and I make weird experimental hardware games, such as a one-dimensional dungeon crawler called Line Wobbler played on a long LED strip and a metal spring, or Wobble Garden a hardware platform for games and audio projects using LED rings and door stopper springs (anyone see a theme here? :smiley:)

I’ve previously been a member of Machines Room and the London Hackspace, so I know my way around 3D printers, laser cutters, a bit of woodworking and all things arduino.

I just joined recently and have been at the space once so far, it seems nice! Can’t wait to hang out more - probably this week!

(Tom Lynch) #2

Welcome Robin,

I can see that you haven’t linked your profile to Discourse taken a tag yet.

You can link your profile here: https://members.southlondonmakerspace.org/profile/discourse

That will enable you to see some of the private areas of Discourse.

And you can get tag during open evening or when other members are there, and link it to your account using the membership kiosk, another member should be happy to help.


(Neill B) #3

Hi Robin!

At the last youth coding event that SLMS hosted, we were programming patterns on neopixel strips and the kids were imagining some very primitive (space invader) games. (We were using micro:bit rather than arduino, because the kids know the platform already).

Then tonight at elec night, I was building a very basic racing game (in preparation for a “Raspberry Jam” this weekend) and everyone said go check out the stuff of this guy “Robin”! I did. It’s so cool, congratulations!

Would you be interested in bringing a prototype along to show the kids at the next event at the makerspace? Sunday 17th June, 13:45 - 17:30. (It’s a very small, low-key event.) It would definitely inspire the kids (and they make great play-testers, of course!)

Anyway, welcome!

(Robin Baumgarten) #4

Hey Neill!

That sounds like a fantastic event! I hope I didn’t put you off making that racing game, it sounds like a cool idea!
Unfortunately I’m in the Netherlands for another event (Playful Arts Festival) that weekend, and I’m back from the 21st or so of June. When’s the next event after that? I’ll also bring my games to the Retro Games Event on the 24th of June to the Makerspace!

(Neill B) #5

Hi Robin, they’re third Sunday of every month, so in July it would be Sunday 15th July.

I’ll try to make it to the Retro Games Event at the space!

p.s. here are more related upcoming events for mentoring coders and makers, if you’re interested:

  • 30th June: CoderDojo Shoreditch
  • 30th June, 1st July: Raspberry Fields, Cambridge https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-fields-2018/
  • Sunday 15th July - SLRaspJam Pioneers at the SLMakerSpace
  • 23rd - 27th July - The week-long “Festival of Code” at Wapping High School: http://wappinghigh.org/foc2018/ - it’s mostly been purely digital software projects in the past but if we can get more mentors with the skillset, I’d love to have the kids doing some arduino and micro:bit projects. Hardware games would be a great match!
  • Ongoing: I also co-run a weekly after-school club in Camden on Wednesdays which is focusing this term on micro:bit.

(Neill B) #6

(Just in case you missed it, note that there’s an informal electronics night every Thursday in the space - just means that there tend to be more people in the clean room with those interests then).