Hi, I'm Rianne!

Hi all!

My name’s Rianne, I have a background in industrial design and after a few years of getting lost in mainly computer based work I’m trying to make making a bigger part of my (work) life again. I’d love to join the space to up my wood working skills and to meet some fellow makers!

I came to a crafts night in June last year and filled out the pre-membership survey in July as well but didn’t hear back after that (and forgot to nudge myself until then as well, eek! :see_no_evil:). Would anyone know what the best way to get back onto the list to join would be?



Hello Rianne,

Welcome to our Discourse community! I’m Mark from the Welcome Team, I’ll fix this for you asap - I’ll send you a PM here on Discourse.

We started accepting new members starting February, so no need to join the waitlist.

See you at the Makerspace,

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