Hi, I'm Radek

(Radek Chwistek) #1

Hi all,
I’m interested in brain-computer interfaces, electrophysiology and fabrication techniques (laser cutting, 3d printing and machining). Starting Neuroscience course next September. I’ve been a member of London Hackspace but following their relocation to Wembley it has become increasingly difficult to commute there from Denmark Hill where I live, so I’m very happy to have joined the Makerspace just around the corner!
I’d love to attend laser cutter and 3d printing induction sessions to continue fabricating prototypes for my electrophysiology rig.
If you see an overlaping interest (s), give me a shout, I’ll pop in tomorrow in the evening too!

(Daniel Sikar) #2

Sounds very interesting. Good luck with your Neuroscience course and looking forward to hearing more about electrophysiology :slight_smile:

(Afshin Dehkordi) #3

Welcome Radek! Neuroscience! I just heard a programme on radio 4 debunking common neuroscience myths…very interesting.

(Patrick) #4

Cześć :wink: