Hi I'm Pauly :)

(Paul Spedding) #1

I’m originally from Croydon but 5 years ago I failed high school and college and knowing I had an engineers brain but couldn’t get a job in the field since my poor education record. So in order to pursue my passion I took an attempt at education one last time as a mature student. Now I have a Computer Science degree and I’m just finishing up my Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Now I’m moving back to Croydon and would love to be apart of this place!

I’ve been a geek since I was a child which was problematic for my mother since my favourite bedtime story was “How Electricity Is Made” and it sent my mother to sleep a lot more times than me since it kept me awake asking questions! I built my first computer when I was 10 which was a nice feeling because all I ever did before was take things apart to see how they work, the problem came when putting them back together :wink:

I’m currently 31 and have my HAM radio license, and love programming it’s my passion that and making music. I have been writing electronic music for 17ish years now and its another one of my passions to add to the long list :slight_smile:

Since I’m moving back home to a studio flat this leaves very little space for equipment and materials which is one of the many reasons I would love to join this place that and I have about a bazillion ideas for projects a day but lack the hardware/3D printing and other resources including time to make them. It would be sooo cool to hang out and do projects with people who have the same enthusiasm about creating, learning and designing.

So I am looking forward to meeting you all at some point in the near future :smiley: I see memberships have stopped being accepted which is a shame but I would still like to help out when and where I can.

So what sorta stuff you guys working on at the moment? And what sorta stuff have you guys built at the workshop before?

All the best,

Pauly. :smiley:

(joeatkin2) #2

You should come and have a look i also live in croydon will be happy to let you in as a guest to have a look around.

I think that new members will be avowed to join at some point but you will have to ask the directos about that

(Dermot Jones) #3

Hi Pauly,

Get yourself on our membership mailing list (it’s at the bottom of this page

(Paul Spedding) #4


Ah that sounds awesome! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

(Paul Spedding) #5


Will do Dermot :slight_smile: thanks for the info.