Hi, I'm Pau

(Pau Carreras) #1


I’m Pau, from Barcelona, and among the last lucky ones who could join SLMS :smiley:

I’m interested in woodworking, mostly in japanese joinery, although have no experience with it at all, just some furniture restoration small projects in the past.

I did the woodwork induction last week (thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley and @lewisss !) and I’m ready to get started helping in any project to get confidence with the tools and the workshop, so if anyone needs a hand just let me know and I’ll be super keen to help!



(RobertL) #2

I’ve got a fairly simple one of a lightweight slot together plywood shelving unit for poundland parts organisers (small covered tray/box with minice compartments).

I’m thinking table saw plus router?

(Pau Carreras) #3

Hi Robert,

Sounds good to me, although I haven´t been inducted to the table saw so I’m afraid can´t use it yet. In any case happy to help with this, I’m sure I’ll learn something :wink:

Let me know when you were planning to work on this, I’m available most of the weekend.


(RobertL) #4

That’s great thanks.

Probably next weekend then? I can do pretty much any day any time as I’m self employed.

I think there’s a new system where we get inducted on large machines on first use?

I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks, even building a table saw out of 12mm ply, routed pine trim, bolted-on cordless circular saw with a grip tie on the trigger and an external switch!

(Mark Johnson) #5

absolutely not ! where did you hear this from?

(RobertL) #6

Sorry I must have got my wires crossed.

Is there a new wood work induction system for larger machines though?

Are the minutes available for the May 29th members meeting, as I think it was proposed then?

I’m fairly sure it was announced on Discourse somewhere but I can’t find it atm. Perhaps it’s all a dream?

(david) #7

He may be referring to these comments:

Which may mean it was clarified or discussed at the members meeting that inductions on specific large pieces of equipment will be done when members will be using the equipment afterwards for a project so that supervision is continued for a time after the induction?

Difficult to tell if that was what was discussed though as there are no minutes.


(RobertL) #8

Yes that’s it and it was announced/discussed/proposed at the meeting.

Not sure if it was accepted but there were no objections as I remember.