Hi, I'm Nina :)

Hi, my name is Nina, I’m very excited to join ^0^
My background is in painting, metalwork, and ceramics, though I’m interested in getting more into woodwork as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi Nina,

Welcome to our community! Great you found us!

If you’re available tomorrow the 6th September from 7pm to 9pm, we have an Open Evening where you’ll get a tour of the Makerspace. Just swing by, no RSVP is necessary. This is also a great opportunity to pick up a key and meet some fellow makers!

See you at the Makerspace,

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Hi Karin! I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it to tonight’s open evening but I went to one earlier this year :slight_smile:

What can I do to get started, in terms of picking up a key and getting inducted and volunteering?

Hi Nina,
no problem at all. Getting your key will be no problem. Check the calendar for when it is open and then ring the bell or knock on the door. You can also create a new topic on the main page to ask if somebody let you in at a specific time.
Hope to see you soon at the space.


Just to continue from what Karin said, once you enter the space you can ask a member to help you with getting a key fob. There is a glass cup filled with key fobs, you can pick any one. You will need to present it to the fob reader on the main entry doors, it will tell you you’re not permitted, that’s fine. Make a note of the time you did this and post it in Key Fobs section. That fob will later be tied to your Discourse username and you can use it to enter from then on. Any member should be able to assist you with this.

For inductions, you should browse the Induction Waiting Lists section and add your username to the relevent induction lists you’re interested in. There are instructions how to do that within those lists. It is strongly recommended that you do this as early as possible as you may be waiting a while for your turn on some of them.

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