Hi, I'm Nikos

(Dr Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos) #1


My name is Nikos and I’m building a full scale R2-D2 as a hobby, evening hours and weekends. I’ve got an engineering background in computer science, telecommunications technologies/networks and, prior to that (at high-school), I was lucky to learn the art of jewlery making, taught by my grandfather Nikos (I was given his name) at his workshop, from melting and purifying gold all the way to processing raw metal and making a jewel. I’m looking to expand my skills and knowledge in making things. I’m designing and 3D printing plastic parts but I don’t have an equipped workshop for metal working, hence, I’m looking for a workshop where I can learn and make things.


(Brian Cox (no relation )) #2

Hi, A FULL SIZE R2 D2 ill,e be there in a sec. Callumn and a few others can help you on the metal side, if you need any out of the box thinking on how to do things please let me know im a great problem solver, welcome to the space, Brian