Hi I'm new and interested in wood turning

Hi there,
I am Christoir.
Would like to do some wood turning, lathing.
Can anyone assist?
I am looking to turn a 27 inch log.

@woodlathetechs I don’t think the handle in the title works.

What is the ask here? Is this center turning?
Do you need the induction?
Are you unsure if the wood is OK to turn ETC

This is a brand new user, just signed up <2hrs ago.

Hi Christopher (or Christoir?),

Welcome to our community. Wood turning is quit popular at SLMS and I’m sure you’ll get lots of input about it.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to go through the basic wood shop induction first. My suggestion is, get familiar with the Welcome message you should have received in your inbox - and if you have any other questions, best is to send a message to the welcome team.

Also, if you’re available next Wednesday, 31st May from 7pm-9pm, there’ll be another Open Evening where you’ll get a proper tour of the Makerspace and we can answer most questions about the membership.

See you at the Makerspace,

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Okay that’s great,
Thank you so much.
I will get onto signing myself up for the basic induction.

Hi there,
Sorry yes, I am new. So really wood shop induction I hear is the best way in.

Hi Christoir, our current limit is 50cm diameter…

I will be doing some stuff which may be of interest, like handtool sharpening, I will be doing a basic plane usage class too which will include jointing and dimensioning and the L1 inductions.
First you require the basic workshop induction.
Let me know if you are interested in anything I have mentioned.

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That would be great. Got to sharpen my tools again.
When is the basic wood shop induction?
Best Chris

When you add yourself to the Basic Wood Workshop Induction waiting list, you will receive a notification here on discourse (and/or if you have activated e-mail notifications in your settings) when the next induction session is advertised. They happen fairly frequently currently.

Make sure to have done the Basic Wood Workshop induction before attending the lathe inductions.

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