Hi, I'm Nathan

Hi, I’m Nathan, just waiting on my approval to give the maker space money. I’m looking to do some electronics, and eventually build a guitar amp. I’m also keen to learn how to use a metal lathe, a mill, and how to weld.

I also used to be a guitar technician, so if people want to learn how to do basic setups on their own guitars, I’m happy to help.

I am a new member too.
You have reminded me that I was supposed to be levelling the frets on my acoustic. Life took a different path though. It’s on my to do list.
Welcome. Hope to see you round.

Hi Nathan! Welcome :blush:
There was a @luthiers group for a while, and a few people make their own instruments!
Sadly I haven’t managed to pick up the guitar… I can’t get past the pain in my fingers. Although I’ve started bouldering and I’m getting callouses that way so maybe I’ll try the guitar again soon