Hi I'm Moises

Hello everybody, I’m Moises and just moved to London. I work as a software engineer and I’m trying to get more time invested in projects that don’t feel like I’m working my time off. Could you confirm when the next open evening is happening?

I’m interested in woodworking but I have no experience at all, do you have a course or an introduction that I could attend?


Hey Moises, welcome,

The open evenings run every other Wednesday. The next one is on Wed 25th from 7pm. If you wanted to visit then you can get a full tour of the space including the woodshop, an introduction and explanation of how the space operates etc.

There aren’t courses, members work on their own projects at their own schedule. There are however inductions, initially in order to gain access to the woodshop and use it safely, and then subsequent inductions to use some of the more dangerous machines. More info here on that, but would probably advise coming to an open evening to get the full intro and explanation.