Hi, i'm Michael

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Hi there, I’m Michael and I’m new to the space. I’m a software engineer by profession and into 3d-printing, robotics, and electronics as a hobby.

I’ve built some stuff like a flower to try and build healthy habits (first PCB project):

and I coordinated a project with some friends to build a little bat with an ultrasonic sensor in the ears:

I’d like to make some maker friends, potentially collaborate on projects, and find a place with a lab to tinker. I think my next big project will be a battle bot I’d like to build (https://bristolbotbuilders.com/), if you’re interested in collaborating on something like that please reach out.

In the future, I’d like to learn more about metal working including CNC and welding. My stuff to this point has been exclusively 3d printing, so maybe in the next year or so i’d like to branch out.


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Welcome! I look forward to meeting you in the space!

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