Hi! I'm Matt

Hi everyone, I’m Matt. I had a chance to come down and see the space yesterday – thanks @asander1 for the tour!

I’m not a member yet, but I’ve a bit of experience with woodworking and electronics, though I have many interests and I’m sure I will want to find excuses to take advantage of all the facilities and tools the space has to offer. I also enjoy 3D printing (the one piece of machinery my London flat allows) and especially like doing CAD for it (my tool of choice is Fusion 360).

The new arch buildout is exciting too, and I’d love to help out with some of the construction work there.
I’m a software developer by trade, and happy to help out with any software projects that would be useful to the space as well (shutter open indicator on the website, maybe?)

I heard there was a survey one could fill out pre-joining – would I be able to get that please?


Hi Matt,

Just saw your introduction from a long time ago – welcome!

@welcome should be able to give you an idea of waitlist time/pre-membership survey (we’re looking for people to support our 3d printing area right now)

Arch 2 is getting towards the stage where we’re going to organise some construction weekends to get it open and working (at least on a MVP/prototype basis)

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Thanks! Would be great to find out from @welcome about the status of the waiting list. Looking forward to joining!