Hi, I'm Martin

Hi, I’ve lived in Bromley since January, but just found out about the Makerspace in June, at Electromagnetic Field camp. Joined and paid my dues last month, and today I collected my keyfob. :tada:

Currently, I’m trying to repair the motherboard of an old Apple PowerBook. The laptop has a dodgy power socket that sorta works if held in the right position. :zap: All the soldering tools in the electronics area look like just what I need! Thanks to everyone who gave me a tour of the Makerspace.

To conclude, here are some photos of one my old projects. Back when I used to live farther north in London, I was a member of the London Hackspace. This is an election-related Lite-Brite made from acrylic rods, foam core, and a LED light table:


Welcome Martin!

If it is just the power socket, should be able to re-solder it hopefully! But these things can be tricky sometimes! The electronics workbench is perfect for this sort of operation, read a teardown guide from Ifixit or somewhere first and keep track of all the little screws (ice tray?) or it will be a struggle to get it all back together!

See you in the space!!

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Hi Martin,
Was nice to meet you earlier in the week when you popped in. Did you have any luck with the repair? Loving the photos of the projects you posted here!

Yes! Repair of old PowerBook motherboard

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Going to read it now!