Hi, I'm Leo

Hello everyone!

My name’s Leo. I’m an electronics & embedded software engineer by profession and a keen constructor of furniture by hobby. I’m glad I found the makerspace when I did because I’ve reluctantly realised I’ve got no more space for tools. Especially not a table saw. I’ve got at least one metalworking project in mind as well - I’d love to know the status of the mini mill (apparently it’s not yet commissioned?).

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you and getting involved in the space, as well as exploring the available tools and understanding what they can do.




Welcome to the space!! I’m looking forward to seeing you around at some point!

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Welcome to Makerspace!
Make sure you get your name down on the waiting list for the Wood workshop induction - https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/t/wood-workshop-foundation-induction-waiting-list/5002. Click on the green ‘pencil and paper’ icon in the top right of the first post, and you can add your Discourse tag to the bottom of the list of members.
I’m not sure about the status of the desktop CNC mill… I believe @Courty may know more…
Look forward to meeting you soon :smiley: