Hi, I'm Leila

Hello everyone

I’m Leila and very pleased to be joining the SLMS space!

I aspire to learn things like:

  • woodworking
  • ceramics
  • electronics + mechanics
  • 3D design + printing
  • sewing

As a first project I might make something for my cats (furniture? cat shelf?) - and yes, I play human servant to two very adorable and cuddly cats.

I am intrigued by marquetry + would love to give that a go once I get inducted on the cnc / laser cutting machine. And 3D printing + design is also very intriguing. I don’t think there isn’t anything at SLMS that I wouldn’t like to try out… So many exciting things! So much to learn! OMG so exciting!

On a more personal note:

I’m a third culture kid, and have lived in Sauf Landan for over a decade. I make software and do that for a living.

My making so far includes: music, theatre, media, ceramics, and all things food (seed to plate) + drink (fermentation + brewing).

Other random factoids: I have worked a full growing season on a small organic farm and did everything from seeding, planting + cultivating to selling vegetables to taking care of chickens, sheep, goats and horses. I’m involved in consensus-driven community centres (so have quite a bit of experience organising with people non-hierarchically). I have organised ‘free party’ fundraisers and participated in protest and tech activist camps in the past (think CCCamp but on a smaller scale… anyone remember climate camp? or barcamp?)

Anyway, enough about me, thanks for reading + look forward to seeing + meeting folks around SLMS in the coming months!


welcome aboard :smiley: electronics are fun, or and 3d stuffs too.

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Welcome Leila!

There is a 3D design meetup coming up you may be interested in:

See you around the space!

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Welcome Leila! I’m a third-culture kid too! :slight_smile: Love your background… sounds like you’ll fit right in! See you around!