Hi, I'm Karl/Deadlight, new member

(Karl Williams) #1

Hi all,

I’ve just joined and I couldn’t be more excited! With the Christmas period being chaotic, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make it but I’ll try and come to the next open evening.

Some interests/projects I have in mind:

  • Small, low power microcontrollers - ESP8266, ESP32, etc. - for use in home automation, portable devices and, occasionally, over-engineered fancy-dress costumes
  • I’m thinking about making some basic modular music synth modules with an emphasis on quick-n-dirty results and low price
  • I make models so I will, no doubt be looking to use some of the more specialist kit to help with this (I’m very keen on getting some experience with a laser cutter)
  • I’m a web developer, so I’m always interesting in connecting physical projects to the internet
  • I’m often making costumes and want to get more skilled in traditional craft-type areas
  • I love the idea of ad hoc mesh networking to reduce the dependance on centralised networks
  • I’ve got a basic set of woodworking skills that I’d like to develop further

You can find me on Twitter

You can find more about my work persona in my cv.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person.


(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Karl,

Welcome…you’ll find plenty of kindred spirits with that list!

@neill0 @Gawain and @SammyB among others are working on music/sound-producing projects, and @mikekelly was making a modular synth system IIRC

(Mike Kelly) #3

Hi Karl,

Yes, my home radiophonic workshop is steadily growing, would be good to compare notes on synth modules. Also on web dev projects.
Welcome to SLMS!


(Afshin Dehkordi) #4

Hi Karl, welcome to space, sound like you have lots of projects in mind, you’re in the right space to make them happen

(Gilbert Townshend) #5

Hello! I am also just getting into playing with electronics for music making so if you fancy playing around with making beeps and / or boops I would totally be up for that.

(Karl Williams) #6

Great! I’ll let you know when I’m planning to work on something.

(Gawain Hewitt) #7

Hi Karl!

Welcome to SLMS.

I’ve made some Frequency Central Modular stuff in the past. I just had to sell my entire modular rig as I needed the cash, so would be interested in possibly making some new ones again. Would have to be in March at the earliest as I have a lot on at the moment…


(Karl Williams) #8

March sounds like a good timeline - by then I’ll be past my initial bleeps and bloops and might have something approaching a basic setup.

Since I posted this, I’ve put together a stripboard oscillator with a cem3340-clone as its core. I’m also trying to work out the plan for my envelope generator.