Hi, I'm Justin

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(Justin Colson) #1

Hi all,

My name is Justin. I attended an open evening a few weeks ago, and have just completed set up for payment on my account, so hopefully I’ll be able to come in and get a fob etc. in about a week?

I’m particularly interested in getting to grips with the laser cutter, as well as using the workshop to do some more traditional woodwork projects. Most of the stuff I’m interested in doing is connected with my model making hobby - 1:152 scale model trains and architecture etc.

My day job is a university lecturer in Digital History, and I’m a regular user of Geographical Information Systems, so I’m quite excited by the projects I’ve seen on here where people have used map data with the laser cutter. Happy to help anyone interested in playing with historical/geographical data, if I can!

I have an AnyCubic Photon resin 3D printer at home, and some experience with Fusion360, so I’d be keen to chat about this side of stuff too.


(Andy Sanderson) #2

Hi Justin!

Welcome to the space! The laser is definitely a great asset and some really cool projects have been done using it. See you around!