Hi, I'm Juno

Hello! I joined the waiting list so long ago that I forgot this place even existed. Golly my life has changed a lot since then.

However, it just so happens that I have moved back to South London after a time living elsewhere and SLMS sent this email which feels very timely!

I am a crafty person looking for her next passion and next project. I have some skills in model making and painting, mostly for gaming purposes but I’d be interested in stepping up to larger display pieces. I’m reasonably handy with most home DIY-type tasks but I’d love to get better at woodworking. I have interest in metalworking but no clue where to take it. Also I have dabbled in digital art, 3D design, coding of various kinds, and I’d love to try 3D printing.

I’d also very much like to take the opportunity to find a new South London community and see what part I can play in it.


Hi Juno,

Welcome! I am sure you we get lots of great ideas from other members!

Have you visited the space yet? It has expanded dramatically recently with a brand new wood workshop and additional spaces coming online soon.

Keep an eye on the calendar as we have open evenings, texttiles nights and electronics nights that are open to the public and you can get a tour etc…

See you soon,

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Thanks so much Andy! I haven’t visited yet. I’d love to come by. I’m likely going to be free on 01 Nov so I’ll see if there’s any calendar events on then.

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Hi Juno!

I run the inductions for the 3D printers at the Space at the moment.
Once your subscription hs gone through you can sign up to the waiting list for the induction.
It’s definitely something exciting to do. You can print so many different things with it. Some people prefer functional things and some like printing stuff that looks nice :grinning:
I recently printed a toothbrush holder. Sounds boring but it was exactly what I needed and i didn’t have to buy one :grinning:

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Hey again everyone - I have paid my membership and I’ll be coming to the meeting on November 14th <3

My availability is kind of rubbish throughout November, but I’ll keep an eye out for inductions that seem useful to me and try to attend anything that makes sense!

Can’t wait to meet folks and get Making.

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@jvno just add yourself to the waiting list if your account has been setup, that way you get notifications on discourse if any are going on. I found it the best way to stay informed about these things.