Hi, I'm Jascha. I make all sorts of things, mostly bespoke glass furniture

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My name’s Jascha and I hope to be a member soon (I’m on the mailing list but I think I have to wait for an email).
I make lots of things using lots of different materials, a lot of my work involves designing and making bespoke glass furniture (www.invitrodesigns.co.uk).
I also do some UV-bonding (gluing glass to glass using an adhesive that sets rapidly under UV light)
I came down to the space a week ago with my daughter and got some help from the extremely helpful Jonty with the laser cutter. Thanks very much Jonty!
I was helping my daughter finish her art homework, which involved laser cutting 200+ layers of 1.5mm corrugated card to build up a 3D model of her head.

I’ll post some pictures in the Projects section…

Anyway, I look forward to meeting more of you guys. I have a bunch of things I want to make!


(electrotech) #2

I was hoping that I could say glory hole when I saw mention of glass…


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I do sometimes think about using an optically clear adhesive to mount a glass screen protector over my scratched screen, sound viable?

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I spent 3 years blowing glass so I’m intimately acquainted with the glory hole.

UV adhesive to mount a screen protector is unnecessary in my view. There are pretty cheap off-the-shelf solutions…
Oh, do you mean to fix the scratches? I’m not certain what optically clear means.
I think that perhaps all clear things have a refractive index which dictates the speed that light passes through them. If the RI of your adhesive didn’t match the RI of the glass in your screen then the scratches may still be visible.

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Glass blowing looks amazing, but incredibly complicated, mad props! I sometimes binge videos from corning museum of glass, fascinating and cool.

For attaching an LCD panel to the glass digitizer panel manufacture use LOCA to stick them together.

And yeah I’ve dropped my phone so many times and scratched it so much. One day I will get around to experimenting.

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Ps I couldn’t load your website and the image attachment didn’t work.

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I haven’t’ updated the site for YEARS… You need flash to view it I think so it probably won’t work on a phone.
I’ve just posted some images of the laser-cut head in the ‘Projects’ section…

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Edit I just realised you meant project section here on slms. Stupid me.

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thanks for drawing that to my attention. I’m going to call them tomorrow.

(Jonty Bottomley) #10

Welcome to the forum, keep in touch and hopefully see you in the space soon!

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Thanks again for pointing out that my website was down.
I hassled the guy yesterday and I believe it’s up n running again (for those who have flash)…

I havn’t updated it for YEARS, I’ve made loads of things since…