Hi! I'm Jarred

Hi everyone!

My name’s Jarred and I’ve recently moved to London from New Zealand. I attended the open evening at the beginning of May but have only just been in the position to join as a member. I had to leave all my tools behind so I’m super excited to get back into the workshop and get started on some projects!

I’m mainly interested in woodwork but I have a lot of experience with 3D printing and CAD through my job as a design engineer. I also completed a slip casting project just before I moved over so I’m excited to hear some whispers of a ceramics area being set up! I keen to learn some new skills and the first areas I want to tackle are the wood lathe and an electronics project of some kind.

I look forward to meeting you all and being apart of an amazing community!




i notice you said engineer, there’s another thread that popped up just now about a camp for adults that looks fun and require an engineer to make some cool stuff to play with.

anyway, welcome

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Welcome Jarred.

I know the feeling of leaving all your tools on the other side of the world all too well.

look forward to meeting you

Awesome! I’ll check the post out

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