Hi, I'm Jake!

I’ve recently officially joined SLMS and I’m looking forward to visiting as regularly as I can and to meeting everyone. My making experience is limited to installing my own kitchen including routering my worktop but very keen to learn more woodwork and timber construction techniques eventually. I’m a filmmaker by trade and I’m handy with a stills camera so happy to trade that knowledge for more woodworking skills!

I’ll be popping down this evening to pick up my fob and hanging out for a bit, hopefully I’ll meet some of you. Looking forward to learning from everyone.


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Hi Jake,

Welcome to our community! The beauty of a Maker community like ours is, that it doesn’t matter what skill set you have, as long as you’re open minded and are willing to learn, the world is your oyster. The wealth of knowledge and expertise is really fantastic and I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

Get yourself signed up to all those lovely induction waitlists and don’t sweat, they look long, but from experience, they happen quite frequently and I’m sure you’ll get your woodshop foundation in no time!

Otherwise, come to the Space, hang out and open every drawer you can find! This is now all yours to explore!

See you at the Makerspace,

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