Hi, I'm Henry!

(Henry Cooke) #1

Hello! I visited the Makerspace in March after meeting some members at EMF 2016. Now that the summer’s over, time to get making throught the winter :slight_smile:

I have a whole bunch of projects I’d like to get made:

  • a possessed daisywheel printer, which generates and prints short stories onto postcards at the touch of a big red button
  • a musical instrument using a pitch-controlled tape loop to make noises (something like a cross between a mellotron and a theremin, inspired by the Onde Magnetique)
  • a mounting plate to fix a weird mismatch between my monitor and its arm
  • screen-printing posters
  • various code / web projects, including an animated gif jukebox for ambient screens
  • maybe something (an art, or a game) for EMF 2018?
  • mucking about with SDR

If I could get like one of those done by the time the clocks go forward, I’d be happy!

I understand there’s an electronics night on Thursdays; is there a general code / games design night too? I seem to remember one on Tuesdays, but nothing in the events calendar now.

(Chanelle) #2

Hi Henry,

Welcome to makerspace. I think the only regular running session we have is the electronic’s meet up on Thursdays.

(Henry Cooke) #3

Me again! After failing to sign up as a proper member before memberships closed for a while, I have now got my act together and joined in the latest batch of opened membership spots.

I’m hoping to make it down on Thursday nights for electronics.

(Pete Hellyer) #4

Welcome to Makerspace, Henry!