Hi, I'm Gleison!

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Hi everyone,

I moved from Paris to Dartford a couple of months ago, and back there I was part of a group that builds rockets.

I mainly worked with the electronics of the rocket: layout of the PCBs, reflow oven, power management and some embedded software.
I also did a little bit of everything to help the team: machining metal parts, making carbon fiber tubes, 3d printing…

Our rocket during the French Space Agency launch campaign (me in center):

Manufacturing of some carbon fiber tubes:

Unfortunately, launching rockets is a regulatory nightmare all over Europe :frowning: So I am open to interesting projects in other areas.
Hope to meet some fellow makers, pay a visit and help improve the markerspace as soon as things get better.



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Hey Gleison!

Launching rockets looks like a lot of fun!

I will soon restart the electronics night online , you don’t have to wait until the space reopen to geek out ! :slight_smile:


Hi Andrea,

Thanks for letting me know :wink:
I will keep an eye on the the Events board to participate.


Hi Gleison
How cool is that, I don’t know anyone else who makes rockets! I’m not surprised the regulations are a nightmare though, I wouldn’t want one landing in my kitchen :wink:
Welcome to Makerspace :smiley:

There are many people in the Space that we don’t know much about, some build robots, some are regularly covered in the tech news, some works in very very high level technology company and their work it’s all over the mainstream news it’s always worth to start random conversation with the members either offline and online.