Hi, I'm Elena and I'm happy to be here :)

I’m primarily interested in prototyping. I recently got into product design and have been exploring 3D printing and CNC routing. So far, I’ve been handing my designs off to shops to make them for me but I really wanted to learn how to make them myself, as it will help me become a better designer.

I came to the open evening last week and have just become a member (I think!). I absolutely love the space and was so impressed with all the machines you have access to. I’ve also been browsing the forum for a while and really like the community feel. In a nutshell, I’m thrilled to be joining :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of what I can offer… My background is in telecoms engineering, so I can help with wireless and telephony related stuff (doubt this will be helpful for anyone but just in case!). Decent skills in Rhino & Illustrator, relatively experienced in mold making (silicone & plaster) and currently obsessed with slip casting and (ceramics) handbuilding but I know we don’t have a ceramics area yet.

Anyway, thanks for having me and looking forward to meeting some of you in person!

P.S: Any other Greeks around? :slight_smile:


Welcome Elena! You’re definitely a member now!

@joeatkin2 was in the telecom engineering space a while back :slight_smile:

Mold making and slip casting is what I am looking forward to most in ceramics! Any projects you have in mind?

I’m excited to see what you make on the CNCs!


Hey Elena,
Welcome! I joined not long ago too. Happy to see a fellow product designer around :blush:


Thanks for the warm welcome Kyle! So cool that you’re interested in mold making too. I just really want to try designing some stuff, then turning them into 3D prints, and making plaster molds out of them. So, no particular project, it’s more the method that fascinates me :slight_smile:

I’m definitely one to explore processes and am fascinated with the process of replicating them! If laser cut knitting punch cards sounds interesting, check this out.

Are you comfortable showing off any of your product designs? I’m sure folks would love to see them.


Welcome Elena! I’m sure you will have much fun with the new making capabilities the space offers you. I saw you mentioned Rhino in your introduction.

I was checking a while back if any member has experience with rhino to no avail. Have you used it with grasshopper, too? I’m working on an idea that would need a parametric, waffle structure design so I can prototype and fabricate it on the CNC. Would love to run it by you and gain some feedback if you’re up for it.

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That’s so cool. I know nothing about knitting but love the idea, thank you for sharing!

And I’ll have a go at sharing my designs once I’m feeling a bit more confident! :slight_smile:

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No, I haven’t done any parametric modelling yet but would be keen to take a look and see if I can help! :slight_smile:

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