Hi I'm Ed, some of you might vaguely recognise me

(Ed) #1

I wandered along to the space a couple of times when it was being built to help out, but never got around to joining. I helped hang the old fire door to that little back area and fitted some sort of switch for something or other (I don’t remember what). Also any (former?) LHS members might know me since I spent a lot of time there a year or so ago. I have been meaning to join for a while.

Oops! Now the membership is closed :frowning:

I’m interested in many forms of making (I have an electronics workshop, 3D printer) and tool maintenance, but I’m especially interested in joining for the woodworking and metalworking. I do have hand tools at home (I can give sharpening tutorials if anyone wants), but no space for power tools.

I’m especially looking forward to using a wood lathe again (and maintaining—I was one of the maintainers for the LHS wood lathe).

I’m also interested in going from 3D printing to cast metal parts, but I’ve not had much success yet.

(electrotech) #2


Have you seen myfordboy on YouTube ? He’s doing a series of lost pla casts working towards making a metal 3d printer.

(Ed) #3

I’ll check it out!

I tried plaster of paris and burning out the plastic, but I couldn’t get the temperature reliable enough. Either the plaster crumbled or the plastic didn’t burn out. I don’t have a kiln though, that was with one of those charcoal furnaces in an old beer barrel.