Hi! I'm Dylan from Australia!

(Dylan Sanusi Goh) #1


I’m a Mechatronics Engineering & Computer Science student from UNSW Sydney, Australia, stopping by for a conference.
I’m a heavily active member of makerspaces there – I’ve coordinated the growth of one of Melbournes biggest makerspaces, and am also mentoring at the University makerspace network.
I am personally into R&D of UAVs.
I’d love to drop by - any times the makerspace is open for a casual look and a chat?
Maybe some time tomorrow (24.7)?

Thanks all.


(RobertL) #2

I’m hopefully giving a tour tomorrow around 1.30pm

You’re welcome to join us

Wednesday is open evening. Thursday is electronics night

(Dermot Jones) #3

Open evenings are on hold at the moment

But electronics night is a good bet as I’m sure there’s much interest in UAVs


(Tom Lynch) #4

It’s really not very clear, for some reason there is an event saying Open Evening as a way of saying there aren’t any but the way it displays is “Open Evening - no” why don’t we just remove it from the calendar rather than putting it in saying no open evening.

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Yes , electonics night will be ok Thursday night after 19.30 :slight_smile:

I will be there