Hi, I'm Dean

Hi, my name is Dean

I came to visit a little while back and can’t wait to make use of and contribute to the space! :+1:t4:

I have various interests: i work as a bicycle technician, at home i enjoy making things with acrylic, 3d printing, have dabbled in electronics and im a general all round tinkerer/diy sorta person

I would love to learn to use the laser cutter so i can build a new enclosure for my African snail :snail:
and would really love to learn to weld and bend pipe metal so i can worsen/improve my motorcycle :joy:

Usually available most week nights and during the day Tuesday and Thursdays, look forward to meeting you!


Cool! Welcome!

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I have some bicycle related issues you could advise on perhaps?

Rebuilding a wheel. I have a spare rim of the same make/model.

Mounting various boxes to the bike and sourcing a particular sized box.

Otherwise I’ll have to go the low temperature aluminium welding route, which I’d also like assistance with.

Yeah sure, fire away if you have any specific questions or issues, I’ll gladly help

I’d like to learn how to build/rebuild a wheel. I did find a 1 day course but they don’t seem to want to run it again or at least they’re not telling me

I’ll get back to you with the required internal dimensions of the seatpost mounted box I need

I know nothing about motorbikes but I happen to know there is a small group of motorcycle tinkerers here who need a push to get going again