Hi, I'm Dave

Thanks to Rob for showing us around last Wednesday.

Keen to get up and running with a couple of projects, meet a few people and also help with the new space where possible.

Interests too many to list and priority projects T.B.C. but looking forward to getting back into a bit more hands-on work and seeing what everyone is up to.



Hi Dave,

Welcome! Hope to see you in the Space soon – Thursdays are electronics and coding night, if you want to take a dive into that area

And that would be Rob (@kirberich) who was hosting!

BTW: Many members have been having issues connecting Discourse and membership accounts, but you seem to have managed it? It would be handy to know what your experience was (and when you linked them) as this might help us track down the glitch

Hi Dermot,

Thanks for your message!

Yes I saw the note on Discourse re the issue but didn’t have any trouble - can’t tell you how or why though unfortunately!

I set up a Discourse account and got the code around 16:00, 26 Nov (if that’s what you mean). Put the code into the account set up process to link to my membership and happy to report I didn’t have any issues going from there.

Not a lot of insight I’m afraid but I hope that helps track the issue a little bit perhaps.


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