Hi Im Chris

I’m Chris and here with my son to use the woodwork facilities.
Initially, we will make some trinket boxes based on what has been learned in Adult ed woodwork classes.

What is the procedure to get in? We went up at about 10 this morning but it all appeared to be locked.



Hi Chris,

Welcome to SLMS, we unfortunately don’t have “opening hours”, you can see if someone is in the space by clicking the clock (see attachment).

Alternatively you can call ahead on the landline to see if anyone is there or post here on discourse to see if anyone will Be there when you intend to arrive.

Once you have become known to the members and are more active you can request shutter access which will provide you will 24/7 access.

To do so, post in the shutter request thread and two people need to vouch for you.



In order to get that clock to appear Chris, you’ll need to link your discourse and membership profiles, here:


How to guide:

The link seems to ask for 1 time code from an email. How do I get the email with the code to be sent?



It isn’t emailed it’s private messaged to your discourse account. Click the photo in the top right corner of discourse.

I can only see 2 messages one from you and one from chattykathy the latter seems to be a an automated help app.

Do I need to wait a day or so for the one time key to arrive?



I’ve associated the two accounts – let us know if it doesn’t work!

Thank you all is now working.

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