Hi, I'm Chris G. - Newbie

(chris green) #1

Hello everyone.

I’m Chris, (but I imagine there must be at least one other Chris already!)
Like many others I’m new around here.
My background is in Product Design and I guess I’m what you call a Digital Fabricator rather than a maker.

I like to build product prototypes and scale models at home.
I have a few hobby machines, the DIY types that are inexpensive but you learn from through frustration.
A FDM 3d Printer (CR-10 Mini), a Laser Diode Cutter (Smart DIYS 3.5W), as well as a hot wire cutter and small spray booth. But all these laser cutter and spray fumes in a carpeted bedroom has it’s limits… I was researching a Proxxon bandsaw, when I thought it’d be best to first check up on the makerspace’s progress…and here I am!

Back in Uni I had access to full metal/wood/plastic workshops, but of course didn’t make much use of them.
Recently, metal lathing has caught my interest, if anyone else watches, My Old Tony on youtube, you know exactly what I mean. I have a plan to make an aluminium body kitchen timer, but 3D printing it and spraying it just doesn’t give it quite justice (even with lead balls to increase the feel of weight!) Hoping to learn some new metal workshop skills at this space.

Still need to pick up my tag. When’s the best time for me to come by? One of the events?



(Brian Cox (no relation )) #2

Hi Chris, :grinning: welcome to the space, you can pick up your tag and get it registered most days/ evenings depending who is around , if you look at your discourse page there is a clock symbol on the top right hand side and this will tell you who has swiped in or opened up the shutter. I hope this is of some help, with kindest of regards Brian

(chris green) #3

Thanks Brian! Clock symbol works perfectly.