Hi, I'm Chathika. I'm new

I’m interested in learning woodworking, some basic metal work, and some 3D printing. My day job is as a data scientist, so I like tinkering with computers.

To start with though, I want to make some wooden boxes. Hopefully something that even someone like me can manage!

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Hi Chathika,

Welcome to our community! Sounds like you found the right place to escape from your day job! Make sure to add your name to Basic Wood Workshop induction waitinglist - you’ll need that for working in the wood shop.

I highly recommend signing up for the other inductions as well! The Lasercutter is excellentg for making boxes!!

Enjoy making, happy to help if you got any questions - or simply write to the welcome team!

See you at the Makerspace,

Hi Mark,

Many thanks. I have signed up to Basic Wood Workshop, though I think I need my first direct debit to clear first. Will look into laser cutting.


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