Hi, I'm Caitlin

Hi there,

I’ve just joined as a member! Very excited to be part of the community. I mainly work as a film curator and archivist but I’m also training in horticulture and work part-time as a florist.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any woodworking but I’d like to build a simple flower drying rack that can lower from the ceiling. And I also have an ambitious (for me) idea to make a wooden chess set. I’d love to do some other wood turning projects. I’m also interested in making my own gardening tools and a leather tool belt. I’d also like to do some metalwork for floristry mechanics, and t-shirt printing, and jewellery making, and build a bracket for my camera flash, and make nesting structures for solitary bees and… :exploding_head:

But mainly I’m just excited to join a community of makers to learn and collaborate with.

Looking forward to seeing you in the space!


Welcome to the space! Looks like we will meet in the metalwork area!


Welcome! Sounds like lots of cool projects! See you soon!

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Welcome Caitlin,

Sound like you’ll find lots to keep you busy here.

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