Hi I'm ben

(Ben B) #1

I live right around the corner, and your space sounds awesome.
Gutted to see you have closed signups, I’m a little curious, is there an activity log to check if any of the 340 members say, haven’t visited in years?

Also, is there a non-members visiting proceedure? Or is that restricted to open events?


(Tom Lynch) #2

We do keep track of activity, however the actual number is less important than how it feels in the space, I wasn’t at the members meeting this week, but it is reviewed once a month at these meetings typically, and we’ve felt like generally it’s pretty much at capacity.

I don’t know if anyone else was there can comment on this standing agenda item.

(Ben B) #3

Awesome, good to hear.
I have joined the email list.

In the meantime, having read about the guest option; im shamelessly going to try to tempt someone with an exchange.

I’m after 15 minutes with a bandsaw to profile a block of wood and then 20 minutes with a belt sander to detail + smooth it. (It’s becoming an axe handle)
I am competent with tools (mechanical engineer) but also happy to let someone else do it if the induction poses an issue.

I’m offering either a juggling lesson or a one-time discount to an axe-throwing session (yes you read that right)