Hi! I'm Ben. New to London - Van conversion

Hi everyone, my names Ben and I have recently moved to London from Australia (arrived in March). I am stoked to have found this community. Back in Australia I used to be apart of a community workshop / garden group and I found it was a great way to meet people/socialise and learn new skills.

Over the next month I am planning on converting a SWB High Top Van (currently looking at a Ford Transit) to a camper van. I have already drawn up some plans but am for a group of people to run some ideas through with and possibly a space and tools to use. For me this is a project I have always wanted to do and am super excited to get started, but it would be great to share that excitement with others. I also know my woodworking/installation skills are limited so would love some guidance.

What can I bring to the Makerspace? I can assist people with audio/video editing, basic software development and a good laugh.

If possible, I would love to come into the Makerspace this week to have a look and meet people. Would this be possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Ben :slight_smile:

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happy to chat, watch, help, blah blah*…

current VW t6 work / stealth camper owner…

…dreaming of buying a tesla motor and battery pack for full electro conversion…kickstater inspiration needed…

*time permitting
[not regular on discourse, but mines the red t6 often parked outside]


Also please be aware of ULEZ.
This is currently in London central and in next couple of years will be extedning to south and north circular, which will mean you will have to spend £12 everytime you use it in that area.

doesnt matter so much if you live outside the zone and / or you are just using the vehichle for camper trips

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also, wednesday night is open evening night.
come down and have a look around if you havent already

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I will definitely hit you up for some advice!!

Electro conversion is a wicked idea. Hopefully we both can do that sometime ! **Fingers crossed.

Also thanks for the ULEZ details. I think I should be fine, but good to know.

What time Wednesday evening?

(This week I have my Mixed Netball final - so depending on when that finishes)

I think they are 7:30pm onwards, normally every Wednesday.

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Welcome Ben!

I have done a full DIY camper conversion on an ambulance (just sold it back in the US unfortunately):

Currently driving a VW T25 Westfalia and often doing little projects on it, good for reference of an excellent build / layout as well, happy to chat / give a tour etc…



I’m not DIY but I have a converted Toyota Alphard 2008 Hybrid and I’m slowly upgrading it to our needs , welcome to the club!

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I won’t be able to make it along tonight, but do you think it might be possible to check out the space tomorrow night (Thursday)? Similar time?

It’s electronics night tonight so there will be people about. I’ll be there from 8 if you want the full tour (also an ex camper restorer, Hymer / Fiat truck chassis)



Amazing! I’ll try pop over around 8. Look forward to seeing you there!!

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Hi Courty,

I came to the electronics night on the 13th and met a few people (Jonty showed me around). I would love to become a member of the Makerspace, I think I signed up on the website a few months ago. Is their anything I can do to assist in the membership process?


Hi Ben,

I am brand new (I know your post was a while back and be interested to see if you’re still involved).

One of my many projects is along the vein you mentioned and also next year / 2021 looking at full electric.

Seems as good a post as any (given the many responses 're van conversions etc) to see if it would be worth getting a group together one evening to discuss experiences, plans and ambitions??!

Might have to be in January but thought I’d throw it out there… Anyone interested let me know!


Electric looks more and more appealing for camper. I note Renault are apparently now offering to upgrade Zoe 20Kw to 40Kw power packs (I use one regularly and a total convert). So modularity seems to be the way ahead. I guess that if Graphene Pillars come on line soon energy density will increase dramatically again.
Do look at Fiat Ducato. after about 2005 they were built with conversion in mind so have things like rotating front seats, internal locking and other useful things as standard which is why every second camper on the road is built on a Ducato.
Im using a 2008 Ducato, so at some stage will be thinking electrification at some stage too…

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Renault is going to be my go-to I think initially.

The smaller Kangoo I think was one of the earlier full electrics and now there’s the Master too. Might not be the way they go forward in the future but for now it may be kind of handy they are essentially the same form factor and layout as the diesel models.

So for me with my fool’s logic I’m thinking I can prototype with e.g. an older Kangoo, knowing that an electric model may not be a huge adapt if and when I can afford one.

I do like the Ducato but am forever scarred by a rusting door hinges and bad locks scenario with the old Boxer years ago and having driven a Movano (again years ago) for a while, the Movano / Master type has always stuck with me as being a strong personal fave. So I now have a bargain-basement 05/06 Master and apart from the headlights being dangerously dim (fighting for attention at night with all the xenons / bright leds that show how far we’ve come since 05 - but a simple fix) has touch wood so far been pretty much exactly what I remembered and hoped it would be! MOT in December though, pray with me.

Apparently Renault UK and RCI decided that this wasn’t something they were going to support in the UK market. Everywhere else, yes. Here, no.

Annoyed, as this was a feature my dealer had touted when I bought my Zoe.