Hi, I'm Arnau!

Hi there, My name is Arnau (pronounced as if you say “are” and “now”) originally from Barcelona but have been in London for a while. I am a Visual effects artist working in the film and advertising industry :slight_smile:

Generally my interests are woodworking, metalworking and 3d printing. As a 3d artist I do know some 3d software so don’t hesitate asking me :slight_smile:

Looking forward to learn new skills and meeting talented makers!

See you around the shop!

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Great to virtually meet you,

I’m also interested in all those things and happy to help with equipment use until you get inducted.

Also, I may have some private work for you if you’re interested?

Hi Robert,

Sure, depending on what you are after I might be able to help. I most probably will come by the workshop this Wednesday to have a look around.