Hi, I'm Arcadi!

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Hi all!
I’m Arcadi (or Archie) I’ve just joined the Maker Space today.
Very happy to be joining this community, first time joining a makerspace, and looking forward to meeting you all! My background is in Physics and I currently work as a Data Scientist.
I’ve been 3D printing and doing some basic electronics over the last 3 years, my largest projects so far have been a hidden tool wall behind a whiteboard and a wheel that you spin and pours you a drink.
I’m interested in learning electronics, everything I’ve done so far has been python driven with pi’s but I’d like to try other hardware. I’d also like to scale up the size of my projects with some wood working without having to order pre-cut MDF.
I’m currently working on automating one of my blinds with a stepper and (hopefully) mqtt, and turning 9 server fans into a bladeless dyson-like fan.


Nice meeting you today! That’s an awesome drink dispenser!