Hi, I'm Andy

(Andrew Wheatley) #1

Hi all, I’m Andy.

I spend a fair amount of my free time building electronics projects, and now that I’ve just moved to london it’s nice to finally find a place where I can meet and talk to similar people. I’m working on building my own drone at the moment but it’s sucking up way more time than I’d like.

I can help you with your electronics/software projects, especially embedded stuff like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, wearable tech, etc! I’d love to help others with their projects, it’s always nice to do something new and have a chat at the same time.

Speaking of, my direct debit is still going through, but I was hoping to join the electronics night tomorrow (thursday 7th). Is anyone around to let me in? (I’ve been told this should be ok to go to)


(Sarah Jones) #2

Hi Andy, welcome to makerspace! I’m sure one of the @electrotechs will reply about tomorrow night. It sounds like you might enjoy getting involed with the event we’re planning on the 2nd March - more info here. https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/t/inaugural-south-london-maker-festival-on-march-2nd-planning-meeting-tonight-at-7pm-5-2-19/12301

(Paul Court) #3

Hi Andy,

Come down, no idea what anyone is up to but electronics night is on and we love a natter !

Courty (Electrotec!)

(Andrew Wheatley) #4

Thanks @SarahJ, @Courty, that’s very kind of you ^^

In that case I will bring my gear and see you tomorrow! I’m interested in a maker festival but I can’t click the topic yet because I’m still waiting for the full account… I’m sure there will be a chance to chat about it in person anyway.

(Paul Court) #5

Hi Andy,

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to have a proper natter last night, was running later and needed to get a couple of jobs through the laser.

Hopefully you got the jist of a Thursday, informal, turn up, tinker and if you get stuck there are always people about to help.