Hi, I'm Andrew

I am a transplanted secondary school teacher from Vancouver, Canada. Until recently i was teaching art, guitar, photography and digital media, and ran a guitar building club. I also created a makerspace for students with 3-D printers, concrete printers, lasercutter, workstations etc, which I dearly miss. I have never actually been involved with a makerspace on a adult/professional level, so I am really excited to join the SLMS, and what people are up to.


What are you making and what can you help others with?

I have been working on v2.0 of my laser cut lamp. I have made several out of hardboard, but I would like to get to the point where they are made out of 100% recycled materials.
I have trained people how to ,laser cut (different make- Epilog vs Trotec). I could also help people with 3-D printing and creating STLs as well as using Adobe products such Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.


Er…what is a concrete printer?

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Concrete 3-D printers are giant (£40K, 450 lb.!) versions of their more common countertop cousins, although despite their bulk the printing bed isn’t that much larger. We did have to put 3/4” sheets of plywood down to make sure they didn’t go through the floor. They print in a concrete talc/sugar combination that binds with water. You can then kiln bake or resin permeate the print. The cool thing is the printers have inkjet cartridges so you can print in full colour.
The company that donated them to us was a little on the shady side, there are some great side stories for another time about trainers who couldn’t make their session because they landed up in jail in another country, etc.


Wow sounds great. Do you have any pictures/ examples of what you can make?

I don’t have any great pics, mainly because they never did work properly, and now they are just sitting not being used. But this gives an idea.