Hi I'm Andrew - new member

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Hi all,

I’ve just joined this week and am looking forward to getting to know the community and the Space. My main interest is in all things wood and woodworking, and my current long-term project is to make furniture for a farmhouse that I’m re-building - I’ve got lots of old oak and elm beams that I can’t use for the structure but want to make sure they are used there. I’ve mainly worked with power tools in the past - the usual saws, sanders and drills etc but also a heavy duty planer/thicknesser and bandsaw. I’m also in the process of doing woodworking coursework related to hand tools (dovetails and other joints, planing, and furniture making). I look forward to getting to work with the equipment and tools in the Space and, I hope, helping other people learn how to use them too.


Welcome Andrew!!

Hi Andrew! Welcome! That sounds all really interesting! We are currently in the process of building a new and larger woodworking area, in the second arch that is right next to our original arch. So there will be lots of exciting projects in the near future that need people with experience in carpentry and furniture making!

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I’m looking to make a free standing breakfast bar/kitchen island - I have the pieces of wood for it, but just need to cut them down to size and put them together… is this something that people could help me with at the Makerspace?


Hi Flo,

Nice of you to write. Tbh I’m not totally sure how this works yet. I haven’t had any inductions on the machines so wouldn’t be able to use them. I’m sure others do, however. Are you a member, and do you have permission to use machines?