Hi, I'm also Josh!

Hi everyone,

Just joined the space last week and am really excited to get started on some projects I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m a musician and have previously made a bunch of custom wooden enclosures/pedal boards/rack mounts etc using very limited tools, so am hoping to be able to make similar things in the space to a less hodgepodgey standard!

Just saw the other Josh’s post and can confirm that I am the imposter that picked up the fob on Sunday and briefly met Dermot, I received a message from Clix about the woodshop induction list but am still a bit confused if there’s anything else I need to do, I was going to pop down to the open evening tonight to get some clarity on how the induction system works if that’s appropriate?

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all!

Another Josh


Hello again!

And welcome

So…I really made a mess out of that! Mixed you up and confused @Clix into the bargain

We’re trying to reboot the whole induction system for the woodshop (so anyone with relevant skills is being called on – hence the message from Clix, which might have come as a surprise if you’re not a carpenter). Have you added yourself to the relevant induction waiting lists?

Thanks Dermot!

Haven’t had a message from @Clix other than a notification for the 2020 Woodshop induction list which I’ve added myself on to - I wouldn’t exactly call myself a carpenter but I’m pretty familiar with most of the woodshop tools you have from college if that counts as relevant skills! Would love to get inducted soonish as most of the projects I have in mind will require those tools, but totally understand that there is a pretty big waiting list.

I’m attending the laser cutting induction next week, and hopefully the 3D printing one too if there’s enough places, so am happy to help out with inductions on those once I’ve got my head around it all!

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