Hi, I'm Alex --looking for help with laser engraving a logo

(Alex Blattmann) #1

Hi all,

I’m making a small leather item that needs to have a 25x25mm logo laser engraved into a 1.6mm piece of natural veg tanned calf leather.
Would anyone be able to help me with getting this done this week, Monday 17th September latest?

Many thanks,

(Louis) #2

Hi Alex, are you member of the Space already?

(Alex Blattmann) #3

Hi Jonathan,
Unfortunately I am not a member but would love to become one in the future. I saw you don’t accept new sign ups for the time being?
Do you think it would be possible to get some help without being a member?

(Louis) #4

I may stand corrected but If an existing laser inducted member brings you into the space and assists you with your project I see no issue with this as a one off occasion. Do you know any such members?

(Chanelle) #5

Hi Lex,

I’m not around much this week. I could possibly have helped, it might be useful to know more about the project.

If there isn’t anyone able to help, 4D Model shop in Aldgate has a pretty inexpensive solution for the size you need to engrave.

Good luck.

(Alex Blattmann) #6

Hi Chanelle,

Went to the guys at Modelshop and they did a great job! Thanks for the recommendation.