Hi I'm Albert

Hi everyone, I’m Albert. I’m currently doing a PhD in assistive technology at UCL where we’re designing and building new navigation devices and displays for the blind. I love prototyping and building, I have two small 3d printers at home and lots of tools. I actually managed to get a table saw and jointer/planer in a spare room but the neighbours strangely aren’t a fan so i thought I’d thought I should probably join a hackspace instead haha. So hopefully when the list opens up i can join you guys when the list opens up again.
Also I was a member of the hackspace at cambridge heath (when i was there) and loved the community and south london hackspace looks like it has a similar friendly/creative vibe.


Hi Albert,

You found the right place! You can use the table saw 24/7 and nobody will complain about the noise.

If you want to check the Makerspace, you could come to an Open Evening and get a tour and a chat! Unfortunately, you just missed last Wednesday’s open evening but we have one every other Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm. Next one will be Wednesday, October 5th.

Also, if you check out our calendar you can spot events that are open to everyone, members and non-members indicated by a green dot next to the event. Electronics Night for example happens every Thursday evening and anybody is welcome. Just say you’d like to get a tour of the Space and you’ll get a feel for our community.

See you hopefully soon,

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